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Citrine Jewelry:- in First section of Citrine Jewelry we give you Wide range of Citrine Jewelry. in this we offer you a wide range of citrine studded silver jewellery from citrine rings to citrine earrings, citrine pendants and citrine bracelets and citrine necklaces. Citrine is a variety of quartz whose color ranges from a pale yellow to brown. The Major Source of Citrine is Brazil. The name is derived from Latin “citrina” which means “yellow” and is also the origin of the word “citron. And it is also birthstone of November. Citrine is also called as Gold Topaz and have similar look of Yellow topaz. Most of The Citrine are Heat Treated. Citrine brings optimism and cheerfulness. In Chakra Silver Jewelry also citrine focuses on balancing the solar plexus Chakra, which in turn integrates the lower and higher charkas. Citrine Jewelry help to enhances your mental clarity, happiness, confidence and will power. We offer Nice and Rare Color of Citrine Jewelry from Brownish Brady Shade to Golden color. We offer Silver Jewelry Studded with citrine gemstone. A Citrine jewelry Collection is must have in your collection. Citrine Jewelry is good option for Both Summer and winter. As in summer it gives you you cool look and in winter it give warm to eyes. It is believe that citrine jewelry add psychic powers. We offer Citrine Jewelry Blend with other gemstone to give them more natural look and feel . we accent other gemstone like Blue topaz, Garnet , amethyst and Smoky Quartz.

Iolite Jewelry. Iolite Jewelry is perfect Gift for 21st wedding anniversary. Iolite Jewelry is both available and use in Gold and Silver. In This section we offer Iolite Jewelry in sterling silver. It gives same look as Blue sapphire hence add value to your jewelry. you can wear Iolite Jewelry in Most of occasion and even . Citrine Iolite Jewelry Iolite Jewelry you can wear both formal and casual jewelry. we offer widest possible range of iolite jewelry. Like we offer iolite Rings, Iolite pendants, iolite Earrings, iolite bracelets , iolite necklaces and much more. Cordierite or iolite is a magnesium iron aluminium cyclosilicate. Citrine Iolite Jewelry Cordierite is named after the French geologist Louis Cordier. The name “iolite” comes from the Greek word for violet. Iolite is two-colored rock. Citrine Iolite Jewelry It is also subsutute gemstone of blue sapphire. Iolite found in Sri Lanka, India, Burma, Australia’s Northern Territory, Namibia, Brazil, Tanzania, Madagascar, Connecticut, and the Yellowknife area of the Northwest Territories of Canada. Pleochroism is very pronounced in iolite and is seen as three different color shades in the same stone. Citrine Iolite Jewelry It is also called as ‘water sapphire’. Iolite is a a useful stone for use during meditation and to help induce third-eye visualization. Citrine Iolite Jewelry It also helps to balance feminine and masculine energies. The story is told that when Leif Eriksson and the other legendary Viking explorers ventured far out into the Atlantic Ocean, away from any coastline that could help them determine position, they used thin pieces of iolite as the world’s first polarizing filter. Looking through an iolite lens, they could determine the exact position of the sun, which allowed them to navigate safely. In section we also offer iolite Jewelry set with other semi precious gemstone like rainbow moonstone , labrodorite, turquoise. We also welcome custom base iolite jewelry we can creat your own silver iolite jewellery in to real pc of art. It is must have stone in your silver jewellery collection. We thank you for visiting Citrine Iolite Jewelry Collection online. Citrine Iolite Jewelry

CITRINE -often called quartz topaz, citrine topaz, or topaz, all of which are misleading. It is yellow, amber, to amber brown. While a pleasing stone in terms of colour, and fairly durable, citrine is slightly softer and has less brilliance than precious topaz. It also lacks the subtle colour shading, the pinkier yellow or pinkish amber shades, which lend to precious topaz a distinctive colour difference. (Much citrine is made by heat-treating purple amethyst.) Citrine is also much less expensive than precious topaz. It should never be represented as topaz, which technically is “precious” or “imperial” topaz. Citrine is plentiful in all sizes, and can be made into striking jewellery, especially in very large sizes, for a relatively small investment. Citrine Iolite Jewelry

Citrine Gemstone meaning Citrine is a yellow-to-golden member of the quartz mineral group. A deep golden variety from Madiera Spain can resemble the costly imperial topaz gem stone, which is one reason that citrine is a popular birthstone alternative to those born in November. Citrine Iolite Jewelry Citrine has been called the “stone of the mind”. Ancient cultures believed that placing a citrine on the forehead of an elder would increase his psychic power. Money energies of citrine Citrine is known as the lucky “Merchants Stone”. If you are in any type of sales, just put a citrine in the cash drawer and watch what happens. Also used by healers to: increase self esteem protect from the negative energy from someone else’s abuse open the mind to new thoughts promote clarity of thought Healing properties of citrine Citrine can help with digestion. It is beneficial to the endocrine and digestive system – cleansing, purifying and eliminating poisons that have built up. Citrine has the power to calm and soothe distressed conditions. It offers help with depression, digestive problems (including constipation and diabetes). It will give joy and love to the owner. Citrine Iolite Jewelry Sources of citrine Sources of citrine include Brazil, Bolivia, several African countries and parts of the Soviet Union. Citrine Iolite Jewelry Citrine Let’s suppose that someone has bought a moped, yet his friends and acquaintances keep talking about his ‘wonderful racing machine’. He surely feels confused, or feels that they are taking the mickey out of him. A moped was exactly what he wanted for short trips in good weather, but even the salesman said that he was now in possession of a ‘real flyer’. Citrine Iolite Jewelry That’s roughly how things go with the citrine, the stone for the month of November. Many people have come to know and love this stone under the name gold topaz, or Madeira or Spanish topaz, although in actual fact it has very little in common with the higher-quality gemstone topaz – except for a few nuances of colour. Thus the history of the citrine is closely interwoven with that of the topaz, and coincides with it completely when it comes to the interpretation of alleged miraculous powers. However, the citrine is a member of the large quartz family, a family which, with its multitude of colours and very various structures, offers gemstone lovers almost everything their hearts desire in terms of adornment and decoration, from absolutely clear rock crystal to black onyx. And it does so at prices which are by no means unaffordable. Citrine Iolite Jewelry The name is derived from the colour – the yellow of the lemon – , although the most sought-after stones have a clear, radiant yellowish to brownish red. Like all crystal quartzes, the citrine has a hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale and is thus, to a large extent, insensitive to scratches. It won’t immediately take offence at being knocked about either, since its cleavage properties are non-existent. Even if their refractive index is relatively low, the yellow stones have just that mellow, warm tone that seems to have captured the last glow of autumn. Like golden Rhine wine or sparkling Madeira, heavy and sweet, citrine jewellery shimmers and brings a hint of sunshine to those dull November days. Citrine Iolite Jewelry There are not many yellow gemstones in the world of jewels. A diamond or a sapphire may be yellow – those will be expensive -, or sometimes a tourmaline or chrysoberyl, though these tend toward green somewhat, a golden beryl or eben a pure topaz, which we will mention again later on. However, the citrine fulfils everyone’s colour wishes, from lemon yellow to reddish brown. Citrine Iolite Jewelry Rare though it is, yellow does in fact occur in quartz in Nature, if seldom, when there are traces of iron in the silicon dioxide. Historically, it has been found in Spain, on the Scottish island of Arran, in France, Hungary and in several mines overseas. Citrine Iolite Jewelry Perhaps the citrine wouldn’t have been talked about any more at all if, in the middle of the 18th century, it had not been for the discovery that amethysts and smoky quartzes can also be rendered yellow by so-called burning. This heat treatment at temperatures of between 470 and 560 degrees has to be carried out very carefully and requires a great deal of experience. However, in the course of 200 years, its application has become so much a matter of course that most of the stones available in the trade today are in fact burnt amethysts or smoky quartzes. Only a trained specialist can recognise the signs of heat treatment at all, burnt stones having subtle stripes whilst the yellow of natural ones is cloudy. Citrine Iolite Jewelry In Europe, the boom on these yellow to reddish crystal quartzes didn’t begin until, in the 1930s, expatriate agate cutters from Idar-Oberstein sent large quantities of citrine back home, along with amethyst and agate, from Brazil and Uruguay. Thus the golden-yellow quartzes made a contribution to Idar-Oberstein’s becoming – and remaining – one of the world’s great gemstone centres. Just as they had been used to doing with agate and other kinds of quartz, the cutters faceted the citrine using large, rotating sandstones over decades. Citrine Iolite Jewelry The raw stone was actually held in the cutter’s hand during this process. Citrine Iolite Jewelry If you give that a little thought, it will occur to you just how skilled the cutters from the Hunsrück really were. Citrine Iolite Jewelry The supply of Europe with sufficient raw material came just at the right moment for the nascent upheaval in social conditions. As the bourgeoisie grew in strength, the demand for jewellery across a broader spectrum of social strata also grew, and the citrine found a permanent niche for itself. Since until then it was really only the topaz which was known and used as a gold-coloured gemstone, the yellow and brown crystal quartzes quickly became very popular among the ladies, being known as gold topaz or smoky topaz, or by the double-barrelled names that proclaimed their origin. However, they were also found in step and table cuts as cuff-links and rings in the evening wardrobe of fine gentlemen. Citrine Iolite Jewelry At the beginning, perhaps, the notion “it’s all on the surface” may have played a part. Citrine Iolite Jewelry But there was no other stone to which the wrong name clung as doggedly as the citrine. Even now, jewellery enthusiasts with no specialist knowledge may be astounded when you tell them that their ‘gold topaz’ is a citrine, in other words not a topaz at all, but quartz. Citrine Iolite Jewelry So what is it that constitutes the difference between the real topaz and the citrine? A fluorine aluminium silicate in chemical terms, the topaz is considerably harder and heavier than quartz, and it has a higher refractive index, which endows it with more fire when the colour is good. Citrine Iolite Jewelry It does have one weakness: its good cleavage qualities, which must be taken into account when it is being worked on. Citrine Iolite Jewelry It can be found in all the colours of the rainbow and has been known to Man for at least 2000 years. Citrine Iolite Jewelry It has not been proved beyond doubt whether the name comes from Sanskrit or Greek, though the Greek name ‘topazos’ means ‘green gemstone’. The Romans dedicated the topaz to Jupiter. Citrine Iolite Jewelry The colour in which the topaz is most commonly found is yellow, and that is the colour in which it occurs in one of the major German gemstone rocks, the Schneckenstein (a topaz-bearing rock said to resemble a snail) in Saxony. In the 18th century, it was mined there during a period of over 60 years. However, most of the crystals were hardly a centimetre in diameter. Citrine Iolite Jewelry You had to go to Siberia or Brazil to find crystals as large as your fist. Having said that, anyone who is interested can convince himself of the beauty of cut specimens in the topaz set in Dresden’s Grünes Gewölbe (Green Vault). Citrine Iolite Jewelry The enormous and magnificent topaz from the Portuguese crown, the Braganza, was for a long time thought to be a diamond. Citrine Iolite Jewelry In mysticism, the topaz is attributed with a cooling, styptic and appetising effect. It is said to dispel sadness, anger and nocturnal fears, to warn its wearer of poisons and protect him or her from sudden death. It is reputed to make men handsome and intelligent and sterile women fertile and happy. However, it is probably better not to rely too much on its magical powers, since it was also claimed that you could immerse your hand in boiling water after a topaz had been thrown into it and retract it again unharmed! Citrine Iolite Jewelry In the Empire style, the topaz was still widespread, but then the more reasonably priced citrine took over from it and even usurped its name. Since then, the topaz has been a rather exotic figure in the jewellery trade, and has been given the additional predicate ‘pure’ to make it clear that the topaz, not the quartz topaz, is meant. Citrine Iolite Jewelry And it is still waiting for its comeback to this day. Citrine Iolite Jewelry

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